((Amicitia is the Latin word for friendship.))

Amivus certus in re incerta cernitur.
A true friend is discovered in times of uncertainty.

People come and go in our lives. How often do we concede their little imprints that more often than not goes unnoticed? We’re lucky to be accompanied while cruising the rollercoaster ride of life, so take a moment to recognize the person next to you.

Today, 17 years ago, an innocence came into perceptible existence. Yet, I only met her 5 years back. 5 years of friendship but a millennia worth of memories. She is a literal bundle of joy. Her mirth and eternal exuberance is very much a magnet. Laughing at the most common things to scaring her with the slightest antic.

Unknowing to her, she sometimes remind me of my younger self. When I was effortlessly nonchanlant about the world and being genuinely happy for getting an additional scoop of ice-cream.

She is a representation of candid. A frank, pure, sincere existence that I cannot overlook.

Happy Birthday!



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