The Gate of Hellos and Goodbyes

The airport has got to be one of the few places where pure authentic human emotions are noticeable.

Folks get depressed, sad, or lost when they send off friends or family but when they reunite after a painful period of absence, that sheer happiness just pours out under a mere smile or buckets of tears. That short but heartwarming moment of bliss makes everything seems alright no matter how bad the day was.

I love airports. I love travelling. I love the fact that airports are full of people from all around the globe going places, on a mission to endeavor exciting things, and maybe even embarking on an adventure that very well might change their lives. Stepping through the doors, the atmosphere thick with excitement and diversity intoxicated me.

Being part of that diversity made me realise that I was an individual. An individual in the airport is a given. People at the airport are bound to be different from you and I realized that being an individual in this world is not a burden but a blessing. It gives you identity. Something that is unique and should be cherished.

My past seventeen years have been a roller coaster of realizations. From desperately wanting to fit in with the cool kids to laying out the path for my future. I was lucky enough to have met so many brilliant and amazing people on the ride. I realized that it isn’t about fitting in. It isn’t about trying to adjust myself to be like someone else. We’re all on the ride for the same humane reason.

The airport is the perfect illustration. No matter where they’re going or where they’re coming from, everyone boards the plane for the same reason: to get away.


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