A Letter to Mr Lee

“50 years ago, he cried for the nation. 50 years later, the nation cried for him.”

Dear Mr Lee,

23 March 2015.

On this day, your spirit leaves us, but your legacy remains. Your everlasting devotion and passion is what led Singapore standing where it is now. It has greatly saddened me and the whole nation about your passing, and we hope that you are resting well alongside Mrs. Lee.

I am an outside eye. I am not born in Singapore but I have been here long enough to establish a solid connection to the country and the people whom I have as friends. You are a revolutionary leader with vast foresight for the country. Your radical and virtuous ideologues brought a name for the nation. It has been and will always be a great honour for me to be a part of something that is simple yet extraordinary.

You are such a prodigious inspiration to the citizens, internationally and to me as well. I have never met you in person but I would like to express my immeasurable gratitude for opening the door to me and my family. Your humble words of advice and decorous leadership will be etched in the hearts of us and echoed in the anthem. We will forever remember you.

Rest in peace, Sir.



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