Direct Your Discovery

In today’s world, we’re clouded by a mist of disguise. The wall of fear and insecurity shield us. Whether for the fear of rejection by others or the uncertainty of disappointments. That wall is a deceptive flaw. Sometimes we go through life thinking we are something that we’re not. Sometimes it becomes habitual and we do it so unconsciously that we mistake the mirage to be real. This is a big challenge on the journey of finding ourselves: not to be fooled to believe the virtual, but to dig deeper and uncover who we really are.

But why do we run away from the mere idea of self-discovery? Besides the confusion, there seems to be a daunting outlook. One of them is acceptance; acceptance by others in our society. It is notable that people don’t always accept us the way we are. However, we’re overlooking the fact that ourselves too have troubles accepting it. ‘Why’ is the question. Because everybody wants to be perfect! With assent and veraciously conforming the true self comes the high possibility of rejection and disappointment. Simply put, we’re cowards.

Vulnerability ensues whilst staring at your reflection in the mirror of truth. Insecurities, anxiety, discomfort, fret; all of it comes plunging in and is inundating. Fleeing from it only takes away the opportunity of new experiences or new ideas. Artists who exhibit their masterpieces and writers who share their composition chose to put themselves in an exposed and facilely assailable position because they believed. Responses can be contrasting: awfully brutal or graciously comforting. It’s either a warm hug or a cold hard slap. Figuratively.

Start small. You may not have full clarity on who you really are but it is assured numerous aspects have already displayed. You just don’t realise it. I guess it’s perfectly fine to be uncertain, but that ambiguity should not pull you back from opportunities originating from whatever field.

Be bold.



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