Change make people feel uncomfortable, and that is why they avoid it as much as they can. People resist change because they are already accustomed to their familiar way of living, and also because they are daunted by consequences. Some people would have preserved countless tough waves to get to where they are now in their lives and to be abruptly introduced a modification or adjustment would be frightening to them. Whether is it their jobs or environment, a new and different situation would involve making themselves go through the whole process of fitting in and settling down, which is ordinarily aggravating and scary. Take for example, an accountant gets transferred to another company where her auditing expertise is needed. She would have to adapt to the new environment, her new coworkers who may or may not be nice, and her new boss whom she has to please. Her first few weeks at work can be very stressful with the new work and her demanding boss, but eventually she will be acquainted. People are apprehensive of change because they think that everything that happens after they make that decision to change is going to be bad, which is not true all the time.

Changes are, in fact, not all that bad. It is actually quite amusing to observe people getting so wound up and obsessed talking about a change they’re going to prepare for. Resisting change pull people away from opportunities. When people repel from change, they get deprived of learning, and experiencing new. Something is missing between the two mountains of routine and change, and that is the bridge of courage. No one will ever know what is on the other side if that bridge is never built. It may be in school or work; change is everywhere. Maybe it’s that school trip to a foreign country but you’ve never flew in an airplane before. Maybe it’s a project that everybody else avoids because it’s too risky. Maybe it’s going for a blind date your friends set up. Whatever the plight, one will never get to learn the unteachable and experience the inexpressible if change is resisted.

Avoiding changes makes living boring. I am a creature of change myself. I do not like the boring routine of life that I have to live by every single day. I anticipate change. With change, it’s a whole new experience at living. Accept and embrace it, and dare to take a risk. Until that bridge of courage is built, the mountain of change will never be explored, and no one will know of the adventures of living.


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