Catching My Breath

Welcoming May with a huge smile (: “Wait, it’s May now? What happened to April?” Literally said this is in my head when I got reminded that it is the 2nd of May today. April went by so quickly!! Even though the clock ticks at the same rate it has ever did, it feels surreal thinking about it. On some days, it drags so slowly that you think time has stopped. On other days, it flies so fast I’m left feeling dizzy. Then, there are those special moments, when I just want to capture and be able to remember it. The one memory that perhaps will remain vivid is a camp I attended. Looking at the itinerary and literally going through it are totally bipolar. I was looking forward for to it with the mindset and anticipation that I’m going to accomplish something big, and it turns out that I did it, but by the tough way. To be honest, I had heard about stories about what the seniors went through and I thought I could handle it. Only to realise I was wrong. Nonetheless, I made it. WE made it. The people I went through it with now share a special bond. Overcoming obstacles alone is admirable, but when you do it with other people, it becomes valuable. Enduring through the physical trainings and the seniors’ tough berating wouldn’t have been easy if it wasn’t for them; if it wasn’t for the purpose that they induced.

30th Student Leaders

May is going to be a good month; I can feel it. Less than a week now till our investiture and Arts Fusion. Rehearsals to be prim and proper for the investiture and to be comfortable on stage introducing performances with minimal reference to the cards for Arts Fusion. On top of that, school continues. Not to forget the exams starting at the end of this month. Complaining is unnecessary. Working hard is imperative. A tree doesn’t topple when the strong winds come because it has its roots deep in the ground. Staying strong and firm is what needs to be done in order to remain standing tall after the turbulence.


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