A Stepping Stone

8 May 2015 – Student Leader’s Investiture


This was a day when we formally are invested into office of the 30th Student’s Council. We had been together long enough to be weirdly shipping each other and making lame jokes we still laugh at at the end of the day. We’ve made it through this far albeit our senior’s tough love and the tumbles we faced submitting our proposals, which shows just our strong we really are. It is undeniable that we are going to face arduous challenges but the outcome ultimately will be favourable. All we got to do is stick together and push on ahead, enduring through the storm and in the process, touching lives to move forward.

9 May 2015 – Arts Fusion


Back-to-back events but I’m so glad everything went well. It was my first time being an emcee and it is so different from the normal talking-to-a-crowd thing because you actually have to improvise based on how reactive the audience is. The afternoon show was good; everyone was calm and enjoying the performances. But the evening show, WOW. Unexpected cheers from the audience to their friends performing that night got me quite flustered. Nevertheless, the whole show was a success and I think it is safe to say that everyone enjoyed it.

Have been superbly engaged in school work this couple of days. Mid-terms are just 2 weeks away! At this rate that I’m working at, I might probably get killed in the battlefield of equations and genetics. Yikes! Not the ideal vision I was hoping for. Guess it’s time to train and gather more armoury. Less falling asleep in lectures, more revisions.


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