A Pizza Birthday

I had a lovely surprise today. Well, I wouldn’t really call it a surprise because I kind of knew it was going to happen; I accidentally saw the message my friend sent my mom about what they were planning to do that night. *wink* Nonetheless, I got smacked with flour in the face and they brought pizza with candles to my doorstep!

I had just gotten out of the shower so my hair was wet and I had my awesome PJs on. 

And then we went down for some snacks and catch-up time. Actually, we had a major photoshoot. (: Oh, and I accidentally kicked a rat and Crystal screamed. What a great way to start the birthday.

We attempted the jump shot but failed so many times.
Cus we’re cool like that
Crystal loooooooves noses
Love them to pieces (:
The things we do for nice photos



My goofball. Always there to hype things up with her humour.
My late night chat buddy. Glad to be your listening ear.
Twinning with her tonight. A bundle of joy. You’re sexy and you know it.

Can’t thank them enough for all the little things that mean so much. Glad that we’re still tight together even though we walk different paths. Cheers to the many adventures we will embark on. LOVE YA GUYS!




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