Things Girls Should Know

Don’t hate how you look

It is quite challenging to be happy 24/7 about our physical appearance. There are going to be times when the pimples decide to show up at random places on your face. Those moments after you watch Victoria Secret Fashion Show and look down at yourself thinking “Why do I not have their figure?” It’s human nature to feel compelled to be like “everyone else”. You don’t have to be “everyone else”. There’s only one you in this world and it is hard to find another person with the same appearance as you, unless you’re a twin. You don’t have to feel inferior to those pictures in magazines or on Instagram with skinny girls in bikinis with the #bodygoals. You’re beautiful in your own way.

This is what society has become. Can we change, or is it going to be worse?

You are a whole

What this point means is that you don’t need another “half” to make your life complete because you are already a whole. It may not be wise to put “get that hot guy” on your bucket list. Love comes naturally and if it’s meant to be, then it’s meant to be. You don’t have to put on a show to impress because people love the natural more than a “show”.

You are good enough

We are all writing a story; we’re the main characters; we’re the protagonist, but we are also the script writers. We throw in plot devices and supporting characters, we try to juicy up the story to make it really interesting and palatable for people. But we decide who the main characters is. We decide how it looks, how it feels, what the trades are. Do I let people hang labels on me or do I craft my own label? I am writing the script, I’m telling the story. I’m not living out someone else’s script, they can say anything they want, but it doesn’t stick, BECAUSE I HAVE THE PEN.

Benjamin Kheng

There are always people trying to bring us down. Can’t be helped that there are people who pounce on the imperfections rather than grasp the beauty of a person. Don’t let them get to you because your beauty outweighs those little imperfections that are undeniably part of who we are.

It’s okay to turn down

We, as humans, with raging hormones and unexpecting mood swings, have a limit to how much we can handle things. Juggling extra classes and trying out for teams can be a little overwhelming sometimes. Suddenly, there’s no time to hang out with your friends; there’s no time to do what you love; it seems as though time is running out. That’s what school does to you. Despite the panic creeping on you everytime you think about the next finals, remember that letting go of a part of your schedule is okay. What matters the most is loving whatever you choose to do. You don’t have to go to track training if there’s a really important test the next day in a subject you’re really weak in. Priorities can be changed.

Take your cup of hot mint tea and watch PLL when it’s the time of month. Trust me, you’ll be too engrossed in the story to even think about your cramps.

P.S. Here’s an interesting video to test whether you have logic.


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