Back To School: Study Apps

September break has ended and it’s time to say hello (although I really don’t want to) to the most hectic term of the year. Term 4 is going to be packed with last revisions and reviews of papers and it’s going to be zoom zoom zoom.

I know I cannot live without my phone. It is with me 24/7 and I freak out when I don’t have it. (obsessed much? yes, i agree too) Sometimes, it is really hard to get away from all the fun stuff aka Youtube and Twitter, but some things just gotta be crossed out of the checklist don’t they?

Here are the apps that I use that have really helped me be more organised and focused on what I need to get done.


PicMonkey Collage

This app is really useful. You can view your timetable/schedule and easily keep track of your tasks and to-do stuff. It will give you an overview of your tasks and classes you have for that day once you open the app. The subjects are colour coded so your weeklong schedule will be full of colour and it wouldn’t be that boring. I love their tasks system because you can actually adjust the percentage of how much work you have completed. Definitely recommend this app to all students no matter which institution you are in.


PicMonkey Collage

This app will tremendously help you in your concentration and focus. I get easily distracted by my phone whenever I study and that’s really really bad, but this app has got me focused on my work. How this app works is you grow your own little trees and ultimately, a forest full of them. You set the time to how long you’ll be studying for and you cannot touch your phone during this time because once you get out of this app, your little growing tree will die. At the end of the day, depending on how many trees you grew, you’ll have your own forest.


I take quite a long time to get to school (almost an hour) and during this time, it would be really productive to get some definitions of terms into my head. Using this app, you type in words and terms and even formulas that you need to know by heart so when you’re waiting for the bus or train, you can just pop out your phone and read through the flashcards you’ve created. Besides, I think for someone who’s in college, there’s just too many terms to know and it will take me too long to write it all down on pen and paper so this app really saves me time and I get to know my words (win-win).

Those are my top 3 apps that I recommend you to try. Hopefully, it will make your school life a little easier. Cheers!




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