“Everybody feels a sudden flash of isolation at one point or another. As people come in and out of your life, it’s easy to go through periods where it feels like there’s nobody there for you. Although overwhelmingly large, the world can be full of noise one minute, and then utterly silent the next.

This bipolar trait of the world can make connection harder. The connection between you and yourself, you and society, and you and nature. The balance becomes shaky, and so can your insecurities, happiness, and self-reliance. This happens to everybody. 

But don’t worry, this will pass. Everything is temporary. People are constantly coming in and out of your life; you won’t stop meeting amazing people, and you wont stop growing and rediscovering yourself.

Remember that the world isn’t working against you. In fact, the world is apart of you. Don’t bother yourself too much with other people – especially the ones who have broken your heart – and begin to focus on your soul and the soil which you walk on and the stars which are being born and destroyed every second of every day.

Reconnect yourself. “


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  1. Sophie says:

    Nice blog, could you tell me how I could make one


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