“We need to change the way girls are in constant competition and comparison with one another. When you begin habitually comparing yourself to others, you begin to feel insecure about your own choices or appearance, and then you begin to tear others down.

Girl vs. girl rivalry can be identified when girls say things like, “She’s prettier” or “She’s more successful”, or even shaming other girls’ sexual decision to feel more justified in their own. This includes calling other girls a slut or a prude or shaming her on a lack of or great extent of sexual experience. In reality, the root of these negative comments are most likely sourced from personal insecurities.

Social media is a vital vessel to consider when thinking about girl on girl rivalry. Most people only share the highlights of their days on their social media accounts, making it easy for us to forget that the person behind that account has specifically selected what they want you to see of their life. It is all (literally) edited, contained, controlled and complied. While that is okay, it is even more vital to remember how refined and cumulated these things are, especially when commenting things such as, “Goals!” or “Can I be you?”. When we produce a constant barrage of comments like these, whether they are intended as positive or negative, it begins to turn everything into a competition.

Every single person on this Earth has their own strengths and their own struggles. It is important to not only stop pitting girls against each other in a buzzing society, but to stop yourself from comparing yourself to others. When you accept and abundantly love yourself, you are nurturing the best version of yourself. Each individual is on their own path, and it is vital to realise that your path is completely different to someone else’s.

The best thing that we, as a society, can do as a whole is to promote self love and fulfilment. To embrace and uplift others, girls and boys, without making comparisons and encouraging rivalry about trivial and material matters. Instead of giving into the fear of not being good enough, rise about that and empower yourself and those around you.


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