MoeInJapan Day 1

Finally the day has come. Finally I’m breathing Japanese air. It is 11°C here right now and I am freezing in this temperature!!! Definitely very different from the hot and humid weather in Singapore. Wouldn’t I hate it but wouldn’t I love it that much either.

Everyone assembled in Changi Airport in the evening and got ready to check-in to our flight at 8:15pm. We had to transit at Hong Kong before boarding the plane to Osaka. Touching down in Osaka early in the morning half awake, excited and with bad breath. So first thing we did was go to a store at the airport and got breakfast to eat. Buying stuff without any English descriptions or instructions can be a little daunting since you have no idea what the item but I advice you to just go with your guts, or if you have someone who understand the language use them 😈

After breakfast, we waited (so long) to board the bus to go to our first destination: Osaka Castle Court.

The morning was beautiful so I just had to take a few shots of the sky and some

Into Osaka Castle Court we go. Well, not really. We didn’t go inside the museum but stayed in the park to eat delicious ice creams and take pictures. Hehe.

credits to Rina

Stopped by at a restaurant for lunch and after that walking around and exploring, that lunch was A MA ZING.

Next place: Shitenno-Ji Temple. There was some sort of a flea market going on and the shops sold all sorts of things, and I really mean all sorts.

There were also flowers on sale and I had literally had to pull myself back from buying theme. Not going to lie I did have a hard time telling myself not to buy it. They were too pretty to let them go.

The temple was really quiet and peaceful and even though there was a flea market, unlike in Singapore, they don’t shout into your faces to “Come and buy!” or “Buy 2 get 1 free!”

After walking on our own for some time, we got back onto the bus to go to the Abeno Life Safety Learning Centre to learn about earthquakes and the emergency evacuation steps. The setup was pretty amazing and it was really engaging and fun at the same time.

That’s basically it. Went on to eat dinner and just chill in our hotel rooms after debrief. First day of Japan, COMPLETED.


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