MoeInJapan Day 2

Up and about bright and early for the second day of the trip. Today, we go on the Shinkansen (the bullet train) from Kyoto to Hiroshima and the journey took half a day! No more a bullet train virgin. Ear popping and zooming across towns. Literally didn’t feel that we’re going at unbelievable speeds. Fast and steady is the way.

After alighting the train and riding on another bus for a few hours, we finally made it to the memorial park.

The memorial has a canopy and is surrounded by water, and they actually do have meanings. The canopy is to protect the cenotaph from rain and a lot of people died of dehydration while stuck under the rumbles so that’s why there is a lot of water around the structure.

We then went into the museum, and it is one of the most touching experience I have ever been through. Pieces of clothes and body parts were on display. There was some pictures of gruesome scars on people as a result of the bombing (ouch) and there were also interview videos of people recounting what they heard and/or saw when the bomb dropped. It was so emosh.


Really enjoyed this day and I can say I won’t forget whatever I saw, heard and read in the museum. I also push forward for nuclear weapons to no longer exist.



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