Tips For Getting Better Rest

2016 for me is going to be a hell of a year. With orientation, mentoring and A Levels, it’s going to be cray-cray! But to get on top of the game, the most important thing is to get enough rest. That seems very hard to achieve for someone who procrastinates a lot (aka me) and leave it till the last minute to do stuff so more often than not, I end up sacrificing sleep to get work done which is mostly how my 2015 went by. Pulling an all-nighter to finish up homework or to revise an exam could be compelling but we all know it’s bloody awful. So here are some tips to help you go to sleep, fall asleep, wake up and carry on feeling awake all day.

• GOOD SLEEP AND FEELING REFRESHED • tumblr_ns40qyv4GD1tumhmoo1_1280

  1. Set A Sleep Schedule. I usually go to bed at 12 and wake up at 5:30, but I don’t feel especially refreshed when I get up so maybe I could aim going to bed earlier to feel refreshed in the morning.
  2. Stick To Your Sleep Schedule. TWELVE MEANS TWELVE.
  3. Plan your work around your sleep and not your sleep around your work. This is such an important point.

• MAKING YOURSELF GO TO SLEEP • tumblr_o07mf3J4xO1uudr43o2_r1_1280

This may sound weird but I always find myself procrastinating about doing my work whenever I know that I don’t have anything planned for the next day, and I end up staying till 3 or 4 a.m. So I feel that doing things that motivate me to start work earlier will definitely help me to stick to my sleep schedule.

  1. Start work within half an hour of returning home. For a massive procrastinator like myself, this is a crucial step. The earlier you get your work done the better. Getting all the necessary work done early means that you’ll have time to do extra studying (and I’m really going to need it this year) and you’ll go to bed knowing that you’ve done whatever needed to be done.
  2. Make a task list. I really recommend using a bullet journal in order to have a clear mind when you actually do the tasks on your list. Besides, there’s that sense of achievement crossing a task off.
  3. Take breaks. It’s not good for the body and mind when you work non-stop. Sure, things get done a little faster but you’ll just end up feeling really tired. Take 10 minutes off every 45 minutes of work, or whatever rocks your boat. You could listen to some songs or watch some videos on Youtube. The key to this point is that once your little break time is up, you have to get back to work.

• FALLING ASLEEP • tumblr_o06j59DZt31ugaxhmo1_500

Whew! Being real honest here. I sometimes have a really hard time falling asleep but then sometimes I just knock off once my head hits the pillow. Frustrating I know.

  1. Getting comfortable. Fill your bed up with a good blanket and lots of cute pillows. Nothing is better when I’m cuddled by my baes ❤️ (aka my pillows)
  2. Put your work in a different room or at a place you can’t see. You probably won’t get a good night’s rest if all you’re thinking about is atomic sub shells or how Hitler died.
  3. Pack for tomorrow. Going to bed knowing that you’re ready for tomorrow probably has to be one of the best feelings ever! Then I won’t have to rush to get ready the next day. 😉

• WAKING UP • tumblr_o0dwb2d15y1v2tc1uo1_500

As Shia Labeouf would say JUST DO IT. The struggle is definitely very real but we gotta do it.

  1. Put your phone out of reach. And I mean so out of reach that you have to actually get out of bed to turn off that annoying alarm. AND DON’T YOU GO BACK TO BED!
  2. STRETCH! Get your body moving.
  3. Wash face with cold water. Trust me it works. Like a cold hard slap early in the morning.
  4. Get dressed quickly. I always play fun songs to get into the mood and feel pumped.
  5. COFFEE 💖💖💖 (or tea or hot coco or milk or juice) All my friends know how much I love coffee. Some people don’t like it it’s fine. I’m just one of those people loving coffee to death.
  6. Never miss breakfast!!! Golden rule: Love your breakfast like you love social media. Try your hardest to at least have a bite of food because it’s the most important meal of the day and it basically kick starts your body.

• FEELING AND STAYING AWAKE • tumblr_o0cvegaWfG1r7dcuho1_500

Oh gosh. I struggle A LATTE with this one.

  1. Stay hydrated. You can keep a mini water log in your journal. Two litres a day.
  2. Surround yourself with company that makes you feel good about yourself and people that makes you laugh. ✨PREACH!
  3. Have some sweets. The brain needs lots of energy because it’s working out a lot, so keeping some sweets in your bag can come in really handy. If you’re feeling sleepy or tired, just pop some into your mouth. Warning though, your friends might steal.

This post actually serves as a reminder for me too because I have real problems with having a sleep schedule and staying awake in class. (I already got caught numerous times; there are photos 😱) So hopefully I can work on that with these few tips and tricks, and maybe they work on you too.


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