Hello there! I’m Moe.

I’m someone who doesn’t open up to people easily, but when you get to know me really well, I can be a whole lot cray-cray! Me writing has made a complete turn in my life. I never knew there was this side of me until recently. There’s just this fuzzy feeling that comes when an idea pops into my head and putting it into words (with occasional references to the dictionary) feels almost therapeutic. Well, you could say I find serenity in words. Maybe that’s why I’m so obsessed with books and other people’s works. I think if you are able to see just how beautiful the language is, you can get wild.

A new chapter: college. If I thought high school was going to be tough, I was wrong. College is much tougher. Everyone says life’s tough, life’s unfair, life’s like dying. Lately, I’ve understood more of what “no pain no gain” means, and the underlying sacrifices along the way. Any student can tell you the only thing they don’t have enough of is time, and time is what makes everyone’s lives different even though we all have the same 24 hours.

See? This is common, me rambling on about things that people don’t really think or care about.











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