October Tunes

Selena Gomez – Revival (album)

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This October is all about this album. I cannot even begin to explain how awesome each and every song on this album sound so great. They are literally so good!! “It is like the new 1989 album.”

Same Old Love  Me & The Rhythm

Good For You  Revival Tracklist

Definitely recommend this album to everyone. Some people say Selena Gomez isn’t fit to be a singer but this album will prove you wrong.



One Direction – Perfect 

THIS IS AMAZEBALLS !!!!! Even though they filmed in at their hotel they were staying at, it is still such a good music video. Those goofy moments between the boys literally made me squeal. They haven’t changed and I love that about them. Such beautiful lyrics, such awesome directing. Definitely the perfect  music video 🙂

Also, Louis was a guest judge on The XFactor UK. Seeing him on telly sitting beside Simon on that special couch made me realise how far the boys they have come. Why do I feel like a proud mom watching them grow? Hahaha!